Back on BookTube? + GIVEAWAY

Recently I’ve been a little M.I.A. in the book community (find out why in my video below) but I’m FINALLY back on YouTube! I’m coming at you with a Fall Bookish T-shirt Haul! Not only am I talking about my favourite brands, I’m also doing a short try on so you can all compare sizing. I selected four bookish companies that I absolutely love, who have products that I use/ wear on the regular.

And best of all…there’s a GIVEAWAY in the video! Rio from Literary Emporium has kindly partnered with me to give away the t-shirt of the winners choice! Watch the video to find out all the details. I would NOT sleep on this giveaway my bookish friends. Literary Emporium has absolutely drool-worthy products!

Thanks for watching everyone and thank you for sticking with me through cancer and all the weird stuff that followed. Big love to all of you!


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Someone Thought #BookTube Was a Great Idea…

And it was me.

I have no idea why I suddenly (in the middle of thyroid cancer treatment) thought BookTube would be a wonderful idea. But I did, so i’m doing it.

It all started with the #TryAChapter Tag on BookTube.

I decided to experiment with the #TryAChapter tag and give it my own spin. Every Tuesday, when new releases hit the shelves, I’m going to go out and grab my favourite new release of the week (or the most recommended/ requested) and i’m going to read you guys an excerpt of the 1st chapter! Sometimes I find goodreads/ the book description just doesn’t give me enough of a feeling about if I should buy a book or not. I find reading the first chapter generally gives me a good idea of if i’ll be into it. So now you can have this luxury without leaving the house/ forced socializing with well meaning bookstore employees. As long as you don’t find my voice or reading style too irritating. Although the reading style can always improve. Unfortunately my voice is my voice and that’s all i’ve got.

This is the 1st video in my new series, cleverly titled “#TryAChapter Experiment Series”.

And because I’m super keen and my bookish energy has been rejuvenated, I’ve been filming other content as well. Like Book Hauls and TBR videos everyone hates to love.

Check out my BookTube Newbie video, where I answer a bunch of questions in the most concise way I know how. Which isn’t concise at all.

I know BookTube is really going to challenge me. Not only because I’m the type of person who has fluctuating energy levels (and commitment levels because of that) but also i’m fairly insecure about my physical appearance. So putting myself out there in Youtube land is a little scary. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is for me because i’m enjoying the process SO SO much and I needed a new bookish outlet. And if there’s anything i’m good at, it’s talking about books…or just talking in general. Ask anyone who knows me. So i’ve decided to take on the challenge and hopefully overcome my insecurities.

Here’s to a long BookTube “career” and many more videos of me being an awkward taco. But hopefully a charming awkward taco.

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#WayfaringReadsTheThousandthFloor **Giveaway**

It’s GIVEAWAY time everyone!!


We had a lovely Twitter chat with @katharinemcgee last night, but if you missed it don’t worry the fun isn’t over yet! We have a really amazing #thethousandthfloor swag bag to giveaway to one lucky follower!

How to Enter:

It’s simple.

  1. Must be following @regularlyreads, @thewayfaringbookworm and @katharinemcgee
  2. Repost the giveaway photo on either @regularlyreads Instagram or from @thewayfaringbookworm
  3. You can earn additional entries by posting your own photos featuring The Thousandth Floor and using the tag #wayfaringreadsthethousandthfloor
  4. Must be 18 years of age or have parental consent to disclose mailing address
  5. Giveaway closes on Nov 13th at midnight EST with the winner announced in the following couple of days.
  6. Open only to US and Canada

⭐️Swag bag includes: 1 autographed HC copy of The Thousandth Floor, a Thousandth Floor tank top and a Thousandth Floor inspired candle!


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The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee is so stunning, it makes me want to cry. The Wayfaring Bookworm feels the same way which found us gushing over it on each other’s bookstagram. Long story short…we were so excited about it we decided to buddy read but it felt selfish to keep all the excitement to ourselves. Which is how #WayfaringReadsTheThousandthFloor was born.

Here’s the deal, we’ve broken the book up into four parts and will be reading one section each week followed by IG chats about that section on either one or both of our pages (so be sure to follow us both!), followed by a Twitter chat at the end of the book.

We are creating a delightful contest but the prize is classified while we work out the details. Hint: It will be pretty awesome. Be sure to use the hashtag #WayfaringReadsTheThousandthFloor when you post your own photos to participate in the chat AND be entered in the contest.

The reading schedule:

  • October 3rd – 9th: Read up to page 109
  • October 10th – 16th: Read up to page 219
  • October 17th-23rd: Read up to page 327
  • October 24th – 28th: Finish the book!
  • October 28th: Twitter chat

If you read ahead that’s great, but our chats are a spoiler free zone so please be considerate.

Happy reading and we can’t wait to see your pictures!

Until next time,


The Melting Library

My life is full of candles and bookish candles are my favourite.

pippins pint

The Melting Library is having a rep search and I thought I would take a chance! They are only accepting one more international rep. I’d love for my little Canadian book blog to be the last rep. Although Regularly Reads is fairly young, my instagram and blog are growing at a phenomenal rate. I am so incredibly grateful to my followers, who have become good friends, for their constant support.


How amazing is the name The Melting Library for a bookish candle brand by the way!? It’s stunning. My favourite candle I own from The Melting Library is Pippin’s Pint. It just smells like warmth and happiness.

It’s a long shot but I can’t resist their candles.

Until next time,


The Fandom of the Month Club: April

“Things never happen the same way twice”- Aslan


The Fandom of the Month was The Chronicles of Narnia 😍 ! I am over the moon about that choice. My 1st Fandom of the Month box did not disappoint.

In the Box:

  • Minimalist Aslan magnet from Half Blood Prints
  • Aslan (or just lion) earrings from The Geeky Cauldron
  • A Wardrobe pendant necklace from The Geeky Cauldron
  • A Narnia inspired bracelet from The Geeky Cauldron
  • Adorable Reepicheep jewellery bag

The excitement is real my friends!

I am so incredibly bias because I freaking LOVE Aslan and i’ve had to replace my Narnia books more than once from over-reading.

I was a little hesitant when I first subscribed for the box because it is mostly jewellery and I don’t wear a lot of it. I have a ring and a necklace, both from my Grandma, that I wear every day. Other that I own a few Fossil watches and bracelets but they are only worn on occasion. I was really just checking it out as a one time thing and hoping for some cool stuff to put in my bookstagram pictures.  I ended up being really surprised with how excited I was while unboxing.

I saw the Aslan magnet first and after an unfortunately long moment of realization on my part, I realized I wasn’t just staring at any old lion magnet. The next was the wardrobe necklace. I squeed a little when I noticed it open to a winter scene of the lamp post! It is sooo adorable, i’m in love.

I pulled out the bracelet next. It was the only item I was a little disappointed with. Each circle on the bracelet has a picture on it and it is actually kind of hard to tell what a few of them are? My roommate and I took a few minutes to decide what we thought each picture was.

I actually didn’t find the Aslan earrings until the next day. Whoops. They were stuck in the bottom of the jewellery bag. And they put me over the top with this box. They are flawless, such a subtle nod to an amazing character.

This box made me happy and reignited my love for Narnia. Which is exactly what a fandom box should do. Will I actually wear any of it? Not likely. Maybe the earrings, but my ears are unfortunately sensitive to anything not gold. Would I subscribe again? Yes. But not every month. Too much jewellery for this girl.

The only downside is that they have disabled the “skip a month” function. I understand why they made that decision but it forced me to have to unsubscribe for this month, instead of just skipping the month.

It’s now necessary for me to go watch The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Until next time,



OwlCrate: Dystopian Style

My 1st OwlCrate has arrived! Dropped on my front porch like all good Owl Post should be.


In the OwlCrate:

  • A WICKED decal for those Maze Runner fans created by Shailey Ann Designs
  • Mockingjay bracelet from the Geeky Cauldron
  • 1984 notebook from Manuscript
  • A Katniss minimalist magnet from Half Blood Prints 
  • Shatter Me inspired coaster from Evie Books
  • FLAWED the debut novel from Cecelia Ahern, author of PS I Love You

Who doesn’t love a good dystopian novel!? From George Orwell to Suzanne Collins, dystopian societies have been holding readers interests for a very long time. Obviously I was pumped when I heard April’s OwlCrate was Dystopian themed so I took the dive and subscribed for my first box ever.

I was a little disappointed?

Maybe it’s because two of the items were Hunger Games? I’ve been collecting HG memorabilia for YEARS so I was hoping the box would introduce me to some new favourites. In saying that, the minimalist magnets from Half Blood Prints are amazing and i’ve been wanting some artwork from this store forever! And I still love Hunger Games so the Mockingjay bracelet by Geeky Cauldron (one of my fave stores btw, Fandom of the Month anyone?!) is equally adorable.

AND Evie Books! What can I say? I drool over her Instagram daily. So excited to finally have a piece from her store.

The thing I was most excited about was the book selection. I love being introduced to new books and a debut novel from Cecelia Ahern sounds like absolute perfection. Unfortunately, I think the marketing team could have stepped up their game for the book blurb…Cecelia Ahern did a better job describing her book in the special OwlCrate letter. Regardless, I’m excited to read it! I’ve loved the majority of her adult novels so I can’t wait to see what she brings to a YA Dystopian novel. Should I prepare for tears like usual?

Overall I was happy with my first OwlCrate experience, it just wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. I am SO SO SO excited for Steampunk next month though. I haven’t really delved into Steampunk in any facet but video games so I can’t wait to see all the new surprises waiting for me in that box!

I’m an OwlCrate addict.

Until next time,


First Draft

Welcome to Regularly Reads!

Where we read…regularly. Every day. Sometimes all day.

We believe that a book is always worth losing sleep for.

We’re still on the first draft and as we all know the only job of the first draft is to exist. So here we are. Existing.

Please check back for the finished blog soon.

While you’re waiting, follow Jess (The Reader) on Instagram @jesskovs

transparent owl blog

This adorable little nerd was created by a @weheartit Private User and the source link is dead, if anyone knows the artist i’d love to give proper credit.