Bookish Blind Date GIVEAWAY

My 1st GIVEAWAY (in honour of 500 Instagram followers) is a Bookish Blind Date!


Same concept as a blind date except with books! Sooo hopefully less awkwardness and nervous sweating but may still cause uncontrollable feelings.

How it’s going to work:

There are two different blind date options. The winner (yay!) will pick which blind date sounds more like their kind of thing and then the runner up (still yay!) will receive the second option. Open internationally!

How to enter:

  • Follow @regularlyreads on Instagram (if you aren’t following you can’t win)
  • Repost this photo with the hashtag #RRBOOKISHBLINDDATE

And that’s it. SO simple.

You can get extra entries by:

Each entry will add your name into the proverbial hat to be drawn on Monday May 30th.

(If your name is different on various social media, make sure to let me know on your instagram repost or drop me a DM if you don’t want it publicized or else I won’t know who to assign the extra entry to. I PROMISE I will add every entry and look at every post)

Now to the most important part….

Option One: Dystopian/Apocalyptic (YA)

If you like…

  • The Maze Runner
  • The 100
  • Gone
  • Lord of the Flies

Option Two: Mystery/Detective (9-14)

If you like…

  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Alex Rider
  • A Study in Charlotte
  • Nancy Drew

So decide who you want on your date night and enter the giveaway!

*This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter or Facebook*

Until next time,



Slouching the Dream

Poetry for a generation of lost adults, only slightly bitter and confused but dealing with adulthood with a very real kind of humour. It’s intoxicating.


Book Blurb from Chapters Indigo

Slouching the Dream: Poems about love. Poems about lust. Poems about heartbreak and professional wrestling. Poems about getting fat and poems about ghosts. Poems about tattoos. Poems about losing your hair and losing your lunch. Poems about getting married. Poems about getting rejected. Poems about Bigfoot, heavy metal and watching too much TV. Poems about fist fights. Poems about having kids. Poems about (not) having a life. Poems about the past and the future and getting older and not having a clue what you’re doing with your life but knowing that it has to, probably, maybe, hopefully all get better somewhere along the line, right?

Slouching the Dream is an awesome collection of real life, witty, nerdy, adulting is hard kind of poetry by Spencer Butt.

Spencer and I were interns together at HarperCollins for all of a month (before he got a cooler, better job and my internship ended). Spencer has incredible comedic timing, in person and in his writing. Hours spent packaging book mail and making buttons were much more entertaining with Spencer around. He is the kind of person that makes you instantly comfortable, unless you are a conservative grandma type who judges people with tattoos. Lucky for me, I love tattoos and apparently I’m now fond of poetry too.

It’s poetry for the nostalgic and the slightly unhinged, for the lost, the lovers, the dreamers and the people slightly confused about the path adulthood has taken them down. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in because i’m not one for poetry but Slouching the Dream is full of relatable and hilarious poems. I was super into it. So into it that I couldn’t pick a favourite. My copy is tabbed with sticky notes, marking my favourite poems and lines. Seriously, I want to share every single poem with you and explain the nuances and kind of just make myself a cozy sweatshirt nest in the lines and live there.

Recommended reading of a few favourites:

  • Job Stoppers
  • These ARE My Cool Clothes
  • If I Ever Disappear
  • To Make A Better Map
  • Activate Now
  • Look At My Muscles
  • Time’s Up, Dummy

You can find it in the comedy section of a Chapters Indigo near you!

Until next time,



Litsy: A Brand New Bookish App

I discovered Litsy yesterday and it is wonderful.

Litsy logo


What is Litsy?

Litsy is a place to share and discover your favorite books with your favorite people.

The Litsy community is a groundswell of passionate readers, authors, celebrities, and more. Share bookish moments with Quotes, Reviews, and Blurbs. Measure Litfluenceto discover your “bookprint” in the world. Explore recommendations from readers, not algorithms.

Oh yeah, want to organize your reading list? Our app has stacks for that, too.

It’s fun.  It’s simple.  It’s all about the book.

A friend of mine from my publishing days (Steffie, who works for Joe Books, check them out) recommended Litsy to me last week. It took me a few days to get around to it but I am loving it so far.

It will never replace bookstagram for me but it is definitely an awesome mix of goodreads, instagram and twitter. And it’s for books ONLY!

I have to admit that I’ve never really been a fan of Goodreads, I don’t enjoy the structure or the atmosphere. So I love that the book community now has a different outlet for reviewing and sharing reading experiences. The apps layout is easy to figure out so you can feel comfortable getting involved right away! I’m a fan of the rating system, it has moved away from the star system to a “Like, So-S0, Pan and Bail” system. Which I prefer, however I wish there was a “Love” option. Like doesn’t describe how I feel about some books, I need a stronger word.

Do I think it will replace Goodreads? No. It doesn’t have the format for long reviews, which people love. But it is a great way to keep track of my TBR list, as well as share my book photography and reviews on a broader format.

It’s only available for IOS users for now but it’s only a matter of time before it becomes available for everyone.

Come join me on Litsy, my username is RegularlyReads!

Until next time,


The Fandom of the Month Club: April

“Things never happen the same way twice”- Aslan


The Fandom of the Month was The Chronicles of Narnia 😍 ! I am over the moon about that choice. My 1st Fandom of the Month box did not disappoint.

In the Box:

  • Minimalist Aslan magnet from Half Blood Prints
  • Aslan (or just lion) earrings from The Geeky Cauldron
  • A Wardrobe pendant necklace from The Geeky Cauldron
  • A Narnia inspired bracelet from The Geeky Cauldron
  • Adorable Reepicheep jewellery bag

The excitement is real my friends!

I am so incredibly bias because I freaking LOVE Aslan and i’ve had to replace my Narnia books more than once from over-reading.

I was a little hesitant when I first subscribed for the box because it is mostly jewellery and I don’t wear a lot of it. I have a ring and a necklace, both from my Grandma, that I wear every day. Other that I own a few Fossil watches and bracelets but they are only worn on occasion. I was really just checking it out as a one time thing and hoping for some cool stuff to put in my bookstagram pictures.  I ended up being really surprised with how excited I was while unboxing.

I saw the Aslan magnet first and after an unfortunately long moment of realization on my part, I realized I wasn’t just staring at any old lion magnet. The next was the wardrobe necklace. I squeed a little when I noticed it open to a winter scene of the lamp post! It is sooo adorable, i’m in love.

I pulled out the bracelet next. It was the only item I was a little disappointed with. Each circle on the bracelet has a picture on it and it is actually kind of hard to tell what a few of them are? My roommate and I took a few minutes to decide what we thought each picture was.

I actually didn’t find the Aslan earrings until the next day. Whoops. They were stuck in the bottom of the jewellery bag. And they put me over the top with this box. They are flawless, such a subtle nod to an amazing character.

This box made me happy and reignited my love for Narnia. Which is exactly what a fandom box should do. Will I actually wear any of it? Not likely. Maybe the earrings, but my ears are unfortunately sensitive to anything not gold. Would I subscribe again? Yes. But not every month. Too much jewellery for this girl.

The only downside is that they have disabled the “skip a month” function. I understand why they made that decision but it forced me to have to unsubscribe for this month, instead of just skipping the month.

It’s now necessary for me to go watch The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Until next time,