Pleasure Reading with Sarah Knight

I just wanted to thank @MCSnugz (aka Sarah Knight, author of The Life-changing Magic Of Not Giving a F*ck) for this post on Book Riot about the power of pleasure reading.

notgivingafuckI was an intern at a major publisher and it was absolutely amazing, a book lovers dream, which I miss dearly and would do again in a heartbeat. BUT I had the same reading problem. I had stacks of ARCs to read and prepare work for and they were all books I would be happy to pick up in store anyway so I should have been thrilled, but there is a difference between reading because it has to get done and reading for pleasure. I almost resented my book stacks by the end of the internship (just an internship, although a full career hasn’t been counted out yet) because I missed reading when and where I wanted to. These feelings were completely unexpected. I thought I would have my Book Lovers badge taken away because I was so lucky to be in the position I was, surrounded by amazing books and future best sellers, and not loving every minute. So thank you Sarah Knight for making me feel like I can still proudly wear my Book Lovers badge.

Starting Regularly Reads was a way to share books with the community I love (here’s looking at you fellow book lovers) at my own pace and schedule. I may return to the publishing world someday in the near future and this time I won’t underestimate the power of pleasure reading.

It’s all about balance.

Because as Sarah said “…life is too short to finish books you don’t like”.

Until next time,


P.S. I did love my internship (just not every minute) and would recommend a career in publishing to anyone considering it. When your only problem is you have TOO many books to read…well life isn’t that bad. Just remember balance.


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